The 2% Realty Concept

At 2% Realty we’re a little different – but in a good way. We believe in value added service and helping you keep more of your investment. We offer 100% Realty Services for lower commissions. With 2% Realty, you don’t get less, you just pay less.

What is 2 Percent Realty West Coast?

We are a full service real estate brokerage, offering 100% real estate services for lower commissions.

How are we able to charge less?

We brand ourselves as “The Evolution of Realty”. We don’t have the big fancy offices and additional staff requirements that our competitors have to pay.  Traditional marketing usually included Flyers, newspaper ads, billboards and radio. Today’s marketing for real estate includes websites and email, Facebook and google ads, social media posting and online video. All of the expensive traditional marketing costs were then passed down to their clients. We’ve built a business model and structure that has reduced or eliminated the majority of those expenses.

What do I get with 2 Percent Realty West Coast?

You will receive Full MLS exposure, as well as your listing on 100’s of real estate sites worldwide. Professional quality photography, floor plans, A top negotiator to work on your behalf, helping you sell your home for top dollar. Open houses, with your approval. Social media exposure with neighbourhood boosting to get your home in front of specific, qualified buyers.

OK, so Does it work? Yes!

The numbers from our local real estate boards over the past two years show that just under 60% of properties that were listed on our MLS ended up selling whereas 91% of our clients were successful in using us to sell their properties during this same period! On top of that, our list to sale price was over 1.5% higher than the real estate board average! *

Part of the reason we are so successful in selling our clients properties is that we offer competitive buyer agent remuneration for the agent who brings in the eventual purchaser of your house.

A few examples of the savings our clients received when working with us;

On a 500K property sale, we save our clients over $4,300

At a 1-million-dollar sale price point, we save our clients over $6,300

At a 2-million-dollar sale price, we can save our clients over $14,500. We offer all of our expertise and marketing regardless of the sale price of your property so we don’t need to continually charge more just because your home is worth more. We think what we charge is fair.

In the age of the internet, paying less does not have to reduce the quality of professional service and expertise that you receive. 2 Percent Realty is celebrating 10+ successful years in Canada, we are confident you will be happy to partner with us! With 2 Percent Realty West Coast, you don’t get less, you just pay less.

*Source: REBGV & FVREB 2017 & 2018